Baronet Fashion Accessories


Baronet is a company which specializes in the selling and finishing of laces, embroderies, ribbons, buttons and accessories, elastic, satin, velvet, organdie , gros-grain, cut-on-the-bias ribbons, pearls and sequins.
Moreover, a large range of brooches, metal lace, lamè trimmings, zips, handmade embroderies, metal and plastic buckles and elastic straps. Our articles are realised using materials that we can dye to the exact same colour as the client's sample, in any quantity, through an internal dye shop for the sample collections, and an outside industrial dye shop for big orders.
We supply a service of ready to stock, without a minimum for the sample collections, speed delivery and production quality of the best Italian and European artisans, selected through 20 years of experience in the field.
Every month we present a new collection from the latest fashion market trends and we spend most of our time continuously searching for materials of high quality and different finish, that you can see either on our web site, or through our agents. Further we supply a graphic personalization service of our articles, both buttons and accessories, with clients' logotypes.

"Baronet fashion accessories- professionalism and experience at fashion service"